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This site offers complete preparation set of tools for Finnish driving examination theory test. All the practices are in English. This service aims to simulate the official theory test and offers the best experience for learning Finnish road traffic regulations. Please note, due to the fact that the official driving theory test questions are not public, also this site does not offer exactly same questions as in the official theory test. However, our content is made by professionals and contains questions from the same topics as the official test.

B-licence theory test

The official Finnish driving theory test contains:

  • multiple-choice questions
  • traffic situation questions
  • hazard awareness questions
  • time limit 30 min.

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You can take the official test in Finnish, English, and Swedish. The theory test is administered by TrafiCom and Ajovarma Oy.

Moped theory test

Moped theory test is different for moped cars and 2 wheeled mopeds.

Moped theory test for AM-120 licence class

AM120 licence category is for two- and three-wheeled mopeds. The official moped theory test contains:

  • multiple-choice questions (15)
  • traffic situation questions (50)
  • hazard awareness questions (5)
  • 30 min. time limit

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Moped car theory test (AM121 license)

AM121 licence category is for four-wheeled moped cars or light cars. The official moped car theory test contains:

  • multiple-choice questions (15)
  • traffic situation questions (50)
  • hazard awareness questions (5)
  • 30 min. time limit

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Theory test booking

You can book your appointment to theory test from Ajovarma's office. Currently, the cost for theory test is 31 € (check the latest fees from Ajovarma website).

You can get the mandatory driving instruction from a driving school, but also anyone who is able to get instruction permit can teach you the mandatory driving lessons. Mandatory 4 hours of theory lessons (when learning the first driving permit) should be taken from a driving school or other official provider. 

A driving instructor can be anyone who is not deemed to be ineligible due to previous traffic violations or their character. Applications for instruction permits are handled by the TrafiCom to ensure that there are no obstacles to granting the permit. Submit your instructor permit application to an Ajovarma office. With the driving instruction permit, it is possible to teach also 3 students outside of your family within 3 years. In addition, the learner driver has to take mandatory theory lessons (in B-licence: 4 hours theory if first driving licence plus 8 hours hazard awareness lessons) which are not possible to give with instruction permit. 

The driving instructor will provide practical instructions. The mandatory theory lessons are given through a driving school or other applicable teaching company. After all mandatory lessons the learner will take the driving examination and theory test in Ajovarma's office.

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  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Traffic situations
  • Road signs test
  • Theory test with time limit
  • Hazard awareness
  • Track your learning progress
  • All content in English

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