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Complete practices for Finnish driving education theory test.

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Theory test contains

Finnish driving education theory test contains multiple-choice questions, hazard awareness questions and traffic situations. The amount of questions depends on the licence category.

Multiple-choice questions

  • 3 answer options where 1 answer is correct
  • B-licence theory test has currently 15 questions

Traffic situations

  • 50 traffic situations in B-licence theory test

Hazard awareness questions

  • 5 Hazard awareness questions

Time limit for the theory test is 30 min.

This service contains questions which are not exactly same as in the official questions because the official questions are not public.
Our service contains questions which are from the same categories as in the official test. 


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  • Very useful website. Helped a lot with the driving education, and works with iPad! :)

  • Great website for practising!

  • Passed my theory test with the help of this website. Got total 6 wrong in the theory test. I would definitely recommend!